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Industrial 3D solutions uses the latest in technology to Produce 3D images of industrial projects for the Petrochemical, Chemical or General Industry, as well as for architectural projects, buildings, and bridges.

Typical Clients would include Operating Facilities, EPC, and Fabricators.

The Point Cloud and images produced will allow your team to measure dimensions within the three-dimensional scanned area within fractions of an inch allowing for more accurate, efficient, and cost effective plant modifications.

Why use 3D scanning?

3D Scanning provides for a far more accurate model of what you actually have in the field versus using as built models and drawings, thus it is the ideal tool for retrofitting new equipment with the old.

Using Point Clouds and Imagery you will be able measure equipment, piping and utilities. Inserting the point cloud into your existing model will reduce unexpected in-field rework when designing equipment and making piping modifications.


I3D Solutions provides models of virtually any type of industrial system required, including Modular packages all the way up to full size plant facilities. At the customer’s request, we can include the structural steel (along with calculations), and electrical schematics.

When requested by our customers, we can provide a BIM compatible model, populated with the data necessary to move your project forward in the most efficient manner possible.

Our team also provides supporting 2D documentation packages useful both during the initial phase of the project as well as during construction. These include PFD’s (Process Flow Diagrams), and P&ID’s. After the model is complete, additional 2D drawings are available, such as orthographic, piping isometrics, equipment GA’s, structural drawings and concrete drawings.


There are many companies out there that provide 3D printing services, but none specialize in the creation of 3D models specific to the Chemical, Petrochemical or General Industry like we do.

Our expertise in 3D Plant Design, 3D scanning and 3D printing allows us to create models with the physical size, and in the detail necessary to meet your needs.

Physical models have been used in safety demonstrations, training, presentations, and to give that flat-out WOW factor!


I3D solutions should be your go to company for your PLC Programming needs. I3D Solutions staff members have, on average, over two decades of experience implementing industrial automation solutions utilizing Programmable Logic Controllers (PLCs). We specialize in PLC programming in the process industry but can also provide programming services for any industrial application.

Developing new PLC systems from the ground up includes reviewing your P&ID’s, the functional controls descriptions, speaking directly with process engineers as needed, providing sample HMI displays for approval, and being available for system commissioning and startup.

We can also troubleshoot, update, and add to pre-existing PLC systems. ID3 Solutions staff will talk with plant personnel to determine what programming needs are required, and what obstacles need to be overcome.

Our PLC platform expertise includes Siemens, Allen-Bradley/Rockwell, Mitsubishi, and others. We integrate PLC systems with other devices (robots, vision cameras, drives, servos, HMIs, SCADA systems) and work with many industrial network protocols and hardware layers (PROFIBUS, PROFINET, Ethernet I/P, Modbus, and others). We work with Safety PLCs and Safety I/O as well.

Our staff includes degreed process engineers that work closely with our PLC programming staff to ensure that we properly interpret the intention of controls within your process. Additionally, we can make recommendations for customer review.

Our team is able to create drawings including the panel layout, electrical one line, and field wiring drawings. When you keep these drawings within the same company, you can ensure there is no misinterpretation between electrical wiring and PLC Requirements.


Coordinating between your vendor(s), your engineering staff, purchasing and customer(s) can be a full time project, taking valuable time away from team members. We at Industrial 3D Solutions can serve as a way of offloading some or all of those coordination activities, allowing your team to carry out those pieces most critical to your company’s day to day workload. We can function as a single point of contact for your company, your client, and your vendors.

Our project management team can obtain, coordinate, and create schedules with both vendors and clients. We work at vendor and client facilities, tracking schedules for vessels or other equipment required for project completion. When requested, we can coordinate with our inspection team to review both shop fabrication, as well as perform in field inspections.

Depending on the level of project management requested, we can also work with your purchasing department to track project costs, to ensure projects stay on budget, or when necessary, management is aware of any project overruns.

Our design team can review vendor and client drawings, ensure markups made to those drawings have been implemented. When applicable, we can ensure that equipment and piping will fit in the field as necessary. We can integrate into our project management offerings, our 3D scanning technology to help coordinate in field retrofits.

You can rest assured that we will be working in the best interest of your company at all times.



Engineering Offerings

Shell and tube heat exchanger thermal design.

We can supply ASME Code calculations, fabrication drawings and bills of material as necessary for shell and tube heat exchangers as well as pressure vessels.

Hydraulic calculations – if you have a system where you need the hydraulics evaluated to be certain you are specifying the right design parameters for your pumps, we can provide this service.


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