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From Concept to Completion

Ensuring your project gets done on time and under budget!

Industrial 3D solutions is a global provider focusing on the use of the latest in 3D technology; including imaging, 3D Modeling, 3D printing, as well as providing support services such as project management, field inspections, and conventional 2D drafting.

Our core customers are in the Petrochemical, Chemical or General Industry.

Our 3D Design Work and Project Management services are geared toward allowing your company the ability to handle additional workflow without expanding your full time workforce.


Industrial 3D Solutions has a team of experienced designers capable of working with a variety of software packages, including AutoCAD, Plant 3D, Inventor, and Solidworks to either supplement the work of your own team or to provide complete support.

3D Scanning

Industrial 3D Solutions uses the latest in technology to produce 3D images of industrial projects. We serve our core customer base as well as architectural projects, buildings, and bridges.


I3D Solutions specializes in taking 3D models we have created for you, either via scanning or by computer modeling, and turning them into physical models. These models can be shown to potential customers and/or vendors, used in safety demonstrations, and make excellent additions to your display at trade shows.

PLC Programming

I3D solutions should be your go to company for your PLC Programming needs. I3D Solutions staff members have, on average, over two decades of experience implementing industrial automation solutions utilizing Programmable Logic Controllers (PLCs). We specialize in PLC programming in the process industry but can also provide programming services for any industrial application.


I3D Solutions provides project management support allowing our customers to keep their personnel focused on the tasks for which they have the greatest expertise. Our project managers not only handle scheduling issues, but can also track costs and work with vendors and other third parties working on the project.


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